Yes, there are lots of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy.  Yes, there are lots of galaxies in our Universe.  How many?  The number is almost inconceivable.  Does that make you feel small?  Well, in one way everything about the cosmos, from the Earth to the Sun, the Solar System and beyond, makes us feel incredibly small, at least physically.  How about mentally?  Isn't the opposite true, in that the more we understand about the vastness of the Universe, the more connected and a part of it we feel ourselves to be?  After all, our minds are wonderful components of this marvelous mix of matter and energy we call the Universe.  We are able to think grand thoughts and comprehend these huge distances and spans of time through our mastery of mathematics and science.  We are doing our part and taking our place in this wonderful world through our willingness and effort to learn about its ways and its means.