A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ....

Tada!  Just imagine the adventures that are going on right now in all those other "Island Universes" out there.  Although we will never know of those struggles and triumphs, we can wonder and marvel at the beauty and majesty of those galaxies and the billions of stars that they contain.

This is the point where the Universe becomes overwhelming.  It is hard to comprehend the number of stars in our galaxy: over 100 billion.  Now try to fit the possibility of 100 billion galaxies into your head, each one with many millions or billions of stars.  It all seems too grand for our tiny minds to contain.

Yet we attempt to contain them by classification.  We can distinguish them by their shapes, sizes, distances, brightness, type of radiation emitted, proximity to other galaxies, interactions, etc.  Grouping galaxies helps us compare them, and even contains the keys to their formation and evolution.  Such is the power of science.